LG Koh Woo-seok is my role model” I want to be the pitcher who protects victory… Chungam High School 2nd year ace Park Kun-woo’s bold aspirations

“My goal is to become a finishing pitcher like Go Woo-seok.” Right-handed pitcher Park Geon-woo, a sophomore at Chungam High School, led the team to victory with 3.1 innings, 4 pitches, no runs and no runs.안전놀이터추천

Shinwol Baseball Stadium in Seoul where the match between Chungam High School and Dongsan High School was held in the 78th Cheongryonggi National High School Baseball Championship. The game, which had been suspended in the rain with a 4-0 lead until the 5th inning the previous day, was played as a suspended game the next day.

3rd grade starter Byeon Geon-woo climbed the mound two days in a row and allowed only one run through the 6th inning. In a situation where even two companies were caught, coach Lee Young-bok lowered starter Byeon Geon-woo and put sophomore Park Geon-woo on the mound.

Right-handed pitcher Park Geon-woo, a sophomore at Chungam High School, has a stocky physique, 182cm, 86kg. He posted an ERA of 1.32, 9 wins and 1 loss in 14 games, 67.2 innings this season, and is playing the role of an ace despite his sophomore year. 4 pitches, 19 strikeouts, 79 strikeouts. If the win rate is a whopping 0.900, the team wins. The growth of sophomore Park Geon-woo, who received the Distinguished Service Award in the first half of the high school baseball weekend league (Seoul Area A), is frightening.

In the first half of this season, Park Gun-woo raised the maximum speed of a fastball to 148-9 km. When asked what type of pitch he is most confident in, he answered with confidence, “fastball.”

In the match against Dongsan High School in the first round of the Blue Dragon, Chungam High School ended the game with two pitchers: Geon-Woo Byeon, a junior, and Geon-Woo Park, a sophomore. In amateur baseball, it is rare for two pitchers to finish a game. Sophomore pitcher Park Geon-woo, who played a salty pitch with no runs from 2 outs to 9 in the 6th inning without conceding 4 pitches, smiled brightly after confirming the victory.

Park Kun-woo, who we met after the game, expressed confidence, saying, “It was my first appearance in the Blue Dragon, but I tried to throw my ball without trembling. I will show you that Chungam High School is strong in the Blue Dragon, again this year.”

When asked if he had a favorite baseball player, Park Kun-woo thought for a moment and said, “My role model is LG Twins closer pitcher Ko Woo-seok. It’s cool to see him throw his ball on the mound and protect the victory even in a tight situation. Like Ko Woo-seok, he hit his ball I want to learn how to throw with confidence. I can get on the mound and throw the ball in any situation if the team needs it, whether it’s a starter or a finisher.”

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