‘Lotte Samgang’ faded like a spring dream… ‘Won Tae-in → Seung-hwan Oh sortie’ Samsung and the brink of destruction

If there is a ‘fight against the world of heaven’, there is also a confrontation between the ‘last players’. The prestige of ‘classic series’ is awkward.

‘Lotte Samgang’ has disappeared like a spring dream. Entering June, the Lotte Giants experienced a record decline with a record of 6 wins and 16 losses and a win rate of 207.3. Among the 10 clubs, the monthly performance is ‘last’.

As a result, the +10 win/loss margin secured until May was completely lost. 33 wins and 33 losses, exactly 50% win rate.

After three consecutive matches against the KIA Tigers in early June, he is recording a whopping 6 consecutive losing series. There is only a difference of 1 game with Doosan Bears in 5th place and 2 and a half games with KIA Tigers in 8th place. The situation right before the overturning of the middle rank becomes a reality.먹튀검증

There is a team that has the same record as Lotte in the last 10 games (2 wins and 8 losses). The ‘lowest’ Samsung Lions. Samsung is currently at the bottom of the regular season with a record of 27 wins and 41 losses (a win rate of 39.7%). The monthly record for June was 7 wins and 15 losses. It is only one space above Lotte, 9th.

These two teams will play three consecutive matches at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 27th and 29th. In the same period, SSG Landers-LG Twins’ ‘Summit Battle’ has a completely opposite atmosphere. It is literally a battle of destruction.

Samsung ended its 5-game losing streak by winning against SSG Landers on the 25th, but the situation of losing 4 consecutive series is no different from Lotte. At least, on June 9-11, he won 3 consecutive matches against Lotte and ended the losing series at ‘4’. Prior to this, the series with NC was also losing.

Samsung and Lotte are the only two teams that have not changed their operating entity or team name since the first year of professional baseball in 1982. Therefore, every year, the two teams commemorate the confrontation between the original teams under the name of ‘Classic Series’.

However, Samsung is in the crisis of being in last place for the first time since the inception of professional baseball. There is nowhere to retreat anymore. It’s literally the edge of a precipice.

On the first day, Samsung overwhelms the weight. Unlike Samsung, where Tae-in Won, the “blue-blooded ace,” is on the run, Lotte announced Jeong Seong-jong as the starter.

On the 25th, at Jamsil Stadium, Han Hyun-hee digested bullpen pitching. However, Lotte coach Larry Sutton drew a line, saying, “Han Hyun-hee’s bullpen pitching is a level of pitching sense and mental training.” On the 27th, it was announced that Jeong Seong-jong would be the starting pitcher.

If it was originally, it would be the second starting position for Na Kyun-an. However, on the 21st, he complained of elbow pain in the 6th inning against Suwon KT Wiz and left.

Above all, for Samsung, three veterans, including Oh Seung-hwan, Woo Kyu-min and Oh Jae-il, will return to the Busan three-game series. Whether Seung-hwan Oh’s return after overcoming the internal conflict will be a plus for the team.

On the other hand, Lotte is in a situation where it is still far from the return of Noh Jin-hyeok and Jung-hoon, who were missing due to injuries. The two players returned home after treatment at the Iijima Osteopathic Center in Japan, but the time to return to the first team has yet to be determined. Director Sutton explained, “The time to return is flexible depending on the future rehabilitation period.”

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