Lotte’s dizzying gamble in the round of 5? A 28-year-old left-hander with raised hands and a new hairy right-hander’s ‘password 1.15/1.88’

Is it a dizzying gamble to go to the final 5?

Lotte coach Larry Sutton announced last week that he would use foreign pitchers Charlie Barnes (28) and Aaron Wilkerson (34) as the ‘5th turn’ ahead of the first game of three consecutive away matches against Kiwoom. In the KBO League, if it is not the order of Tuesday-Sunday appearances, it is common to start for 6 days after a 5-day break, not for 5 days after a 4-day break.

However, foreign pitchers who have worked in the United States are relatively accustomed to pitching in five days. Moreover, Lotte is win-now this year. In the final season of Sutton’s contract, he risked his life and death to advance to the top 5. There is a prevailing perception that both the field and the front desk do not know what fate will unfold depending on this year’s performance.

Usually, pulling pitchers and using them usually didn’t end well. It is still mid-August, if you don’t know if you are in a situation where you are fighting for the last ranking with a week or two before the end of the pennant race. Like Lotte, a manager from another team in the 5th round recently said, “It is still not a match.” He emphasized that winning every game is more important than ranking, but he clarified the perception that it is not the time to pour in without looking back.

However, it is difficult to see Sutton’s choice as a gamble. This is because it is understandable if you look at the circumstances of the Lotte starters. Currently, Lotte starters are in a situation where the native number 3 to 5 is in fact significantly weaker. Na Kyun-an is on hiatus after the Doosan match on July 25 due to an injury.

For Park Se-woong, the gap between May and June and July and August is too large. He was very active in May and June, with an ERA of 1.88 in 3 wins and an ERA of 1.56 in 1 win and 1 loss. However, he has an average ERA of 5.40 with 3 losses in 3 games in July and an average ERA of 5.79 with 2 losses in 2 games in August. The Asian Games are worrying. In addition, Han Hyun-hee, who was brought in from outside as a free agent, is also anxious.

Because of this, he has no choice but to use a strategy to build a multiplier by using Barnes and Wilkerson as much as possible. Rather than a dead-end adventure, it should be seen as the last gamble that Lotte can realistically take out. However, the start of this gamble is quite good.

Barnes has an average ERA of 3.33 with 3 wins and 2 losses in 5 games in July, followed by 2 wins and an ERA of 1.45 in 3 games in August. 4 wins in 5 games in the second half, ERA 1.15. On the 8th, against Kiwoom in Gocheok and on the 13th against KIA in Busan, which were pitched at intervals of 4 days, he scored a total of 12.2 innings, 8 hits, 12 strikeouts, 3 walks and 1 run (no charge).

Now Lotte has no choice but to watch. After all, the schedule of taking a day off and mounding is inevitably vulnerable to fatigue management. Even if the parties are accustomed to it, Barnes cannot help but be concerned about the fact that he is already working full-time. Wilkerson is not without mental fatigue in that he is not familiar with all the surroundings.먹튀검증

Nevertheless, Lotte had no choice but to come up with this winning number for the quarterfinals. Results will be available in October. Above all, Na Kyun-an’s healthy comeback and Park Se-woong’s and Han Hyun-hee’s efforts are desperately needed. Just because foreign pitchers struggle, it doesn’t mean they can guarantee a top-five.

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