Moon Seon-min’King Received Expressionless Ceremony’, heats up the K-League

The fun of watching the K-League has increased. This is thanks to the ‘unique ceremony’. Young fans emphasize that they are stimulated by the opponent’s goal celebration by using the newly coined expression ‘king’ (a new word that emphasizes being pissed off). 

Moon Seon-min (31, Jeonbuk Hyundai) is the representative of the ‘King Ceremony’. Known for enjoying online games, he perfectly reproduces the celebrations in the game on the ground. 

In the 20th round of the Hana 1 Q K League 1 2023 between Jeonbuk and Jeju United held on the 1st, they caught the fans’ eyes with a delightful goal-back pool. In the 38th minute of the second half, when the team was leading 1-0, Moon Seon-min drove the ball alone from the rear and broke the Jeju net. Right after that, the ‘control tower dance’, which became his signature ceremony, heated up the Jeonju Castle (another name for the Jeonju World Cup Stadium).

The celebration of Moon Seon-min jumping up and down in front of the home supporter did not stop at the control tower. Afterwards, Moon Seon-min drew a heart toward the audience and held a full-fledged dance party. It was different from what we’ve shown before. After lowering his upper body, he stabbed his arms alternately toward the floor and stamped his feet at the same time, performing a so-called ‘butt dance’. 

EA SPORTS FIFA ONLINE 4 (hereafter FIFA Online 4) users are familiar with the behind-the-goal pool. This ceremony, called ‘Muebello’, is one of the goal after-plays that provoke opponents. The action itself is very reckless, so it is considered a celebration that scores goals and annoys opponents. Of course, game users who want to stimulate their opponents use it. 

When we actually played the game-like goal-playing game, Jeonbuk fans’ faces burst into laughter. Song Min-kyu, his usual goal-playing partner, also laughed while watching Moon’s dance from the sideline. After the match, Moon Seon-min laughed in an interview with a broadcaster, saying, “I suddenly wanted to dance that dance (Muebello).” 

The reason Moon Seon-min showed off a new celebration besides the control tower dance was because of the ‘Ceremony Challenge’ held jointly by the Professional Football League and FIFA Online 4. The Ceremony Challenge is an event that provides various benefits, such as donating 1 million won to a social contribution foundation in the name of the player who performed 7 specific ceremonies in the game, supporting 5 million won for a team dinner for a successful player, and receiving the best ceremony award (tentative name) after the season ends. Moon Seon-min also revealed that he danced to receive rewards such as cash presentations. 

Moon Seon-min, an avid user of FIFA Online 4, is mastering the goal-playing game. In the match against Gwangju FC held in March (2-0 win), he drew cheers from the fans with the control tower dance after the ‘flashing of arms’, which is known as ‘the most popular ceremony’ in FIFA Online 4. This is why interest is gathering whether other ceremonies will be introduced out of the 7 specified in the ceremony challenge. 

Moon Seon-min has established himself as the K-League’s representative ‘ceremony craftsman’. Seeing him dancing ‘without expression’ rather than enjoying himself after scoring, fans are naturally accepting the ceremony, saying ‘Dancing is a daily routine for Moon Seon-min’. Jeonbuk fans showed a mixed reaction of relief, saying, ‘It’s a relief that Moon Seon-min is on our team.’ 

The opposing team deserves to be angry.안전놀이터추천Moon Seon-min usually dances on the side of the goalpost where he scored. In other words, the fans watching his dance up close could be allies or enemies. It is said that there is no malice in the ceremony, but from the point of view of the opposing team who conceded an early game or a goal that overturned the game, the medicine was forced to rise. There were also team supporters who showed positive reactions on the actual day. 

Moon Seon-min has performed the control tower dance since 2018 when he was active at Incheon United. Since then, he has continued to dance and gave fans fun to watch. Recently, he is making people wait for the ‘goal’ by performing a celebration in the game. Clearly, his dance has become another attraction for fans who enjoy the K-League, and at the same time has become an element that will attract new fans. 

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