Pepper Savings Bank Relocates Clubhouse to Gwangju, Korea

Women’s professional volleyball team Pepper Savings Bank announced today (July 7) that it has completed the relocation of its clubhouse from Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, to Gwangju Metropolitan City, saying, “We have set up training grounds 메이저사이트 and weight training facilities inside our home stadium, Gwangju Pepper Stadium. The facility is located in an apartment within walking distance of the stadium and includes a restaurant and treatment room for players.”

Pepper Savings Bank, which was founded in September 2021, had previously been renting facilities in Yongin City instead of its home city of Gwangju.

“With the relocation of the clubhouse, the players’ travel distance has been reduced by about 2,000 kilometers per year. The players are able to focus on training in a more comfortable environment,” explaining that they have settled perfectly in their hometown of Gwangju.

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