Plutco, who left LG, receives all guaranteed amounts as per the contract… Afterwards, he is placed on the pending list

We give it as specified in the contract.” Although

he left the team before the most important stage, there is no problem in receiving the amount specified in the contract. Adam Plutko (32), who left LG, receives the entire amount guaranteed in the contract signed last winter. Although he will not be with the team until the end, he is recovering after an injury, so he will be paid until November, his active period, like other players.

Plutco left for the United States on the afternoon of the 27th. He seemed to be responding to the demands of manager Yeom Kyung-yeop and the coaching staff while working on bullpen pitching at the end of September, but he withdrew from the team, saying he felt abnormal symptoms again. In the end, the game against Changwon NC on August 26th became Plutco’s last pitching.

If you look at his skills alone, there is nothing better. He knows how to utilize the strike zone widely based on his sophisticated command, and skillfully mixes five types of pitches (four-seam, slider, cut fastball, curve, and change-up). Although he is not a fastball pitcher, he has excellent deception moves and a high fastball rotation rate, so he is evaluated as having better perceived pitch than the recorded velocity.

The problem is the end of the season and the postseason. His durability has been limited for the second year in a row. Still, last year he was out for the season after 162.0 innings, but this year he only played 123.1 innings. And just like last year, he had disagreements with the coaching staff during his rehabilitation and return.

Last year, he refused to pitch in actual games before the postseason. The concerns became reality, and he had his worst game in the second game of the playoffs, allowing 6 runs (4 earned) in 1.2 innings. They showed the worst performance on the most important stage, and LG also suffered the worst ending with three consecutive losses after winning the first game.스포츠토토

This year was no different. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop, who knows Plutko’s process and results last year, asked Plutko to pitch at the end of the regular season, but that did not happen. In the end, Manager Yeom decided to form a pitching staff without Plutko, excluding him from the Korean Series (KS) entry.

In fact, he was eliminated early from the KS entry, but his contract period as an LG player has not ended. Plutko completed the club’s rehabilitation program before returning to the United States on the 27th. To avoid overlapping movements with the first-team players preparing for KS, the first-team players were rehabilitated in Jamsil when they were training camp in Icheon. Plutko left Korea when the first-team squad moved to Jamsil for the KS preparation stage. The first-team squad will train in Icheon until the 28th and prepare for KS at Jamsil Stadium starting with the Cheongbaek match on the 29th. The accommodation will also be changed from LG Champions Park in Icheon to a hotel in Samseong-dong.

Depending on how you look at it, the last month’s salary may not be paid because it is considered sabotage. However, the LG club decided to avoid unnecessary conflicts with Plutco or that could have greater ramifications in the future. General Manager Cha Myeong-seok said, “We will give it as specified in the contract. “He will be reported as having played the entire season and will be paid,” he said.

On December 2 last year, Plutco signed a contract with LG for the 2023 season for a total of $1.4 million ($300,000 down payment, $800,000 annual salary, $300,000 incentive). Since he did not complete the required number of innings, it is highly likely that he would not receive the full $300,000 incentive. Still, he receives a signing bonus of $300,000 and an annual salary of $800,000, or at least $1.1 million.

It is also worth considering from the club’s perspective that Plutco’s agency is CAA, which boasts the largest agency in the United States. Including top star Shohei Ohtani, CAA counts dozens of major league all-stars and hundreds of players as its clients. CAA also steadily supplies players to the KBO league. The possibility that the foreign player LG wants in the future is from CAA cannot be ignored.

Of course, KBO league regulations are also used. LG could put Plutco on the pending list, like it did with Andrew Suarez before. If LG exercises its right to reserve for five years and does not release its right to reserve, Plutco will not be able to wear the uniforms of KBO League teams other than LG. When looking at the Asian stage again next year, Korea is a plutocrat that must be eliminated from the options.

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