Proud ‘Effort’ Lee Sang-ho “I lost 20 sets in a row against Beryl. I think I finally broke the wall”

“I improved overplaying in the process of eating sight.”

On the 2nd, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ DRX vs. Brion was played.

On this day, Brion achieved a pleasant 3 wins by winning 2-1 against DRX. In particular, this match focused on the confrontation between supporters. Lee “Effort” Sang-ho led the team by blocking the support Twitch of “Beril” Joo-hee.

In an interview with Xsports News after the game, he said, “I was desperate for victory, but it’s good to break a two-game losing streak.”

Lee Sang-ho perfectly blocked DRX’s support twitch. He confessed, “Because Beryl is good at various picks, I expected strange picks to come out, but I didn’t know about Twitch.”

Then, he expressed his joy about the confrontation with ‘Beril’ Joon-hee, saying, “It turned out that I was losing 20 sets in a row, but I think I finally broke the wall.”

The following is the full text of the interview with Lee “Effort” Sang-ho.

He took DRX and ended his 2-game losing streak. First of all, how do you feel about winning?

Since we lost 2 matches in a row, we desperately needed a win. It’s so good to win against DRX.

I think the losses you showed in the 2nd week will be regrettable. What factors did you analyze?

In terms of bans and picks, things worked out the way we wanted, but the composition of practice and tournaments has changed. So it seems that I lost by running in terms of play.

1st set Jerry was brought quickly. What about Jerry’s carry?

Jerry goes with Lulu and Yumi, but Jerry himself has a high carry ability. It’s good that she uses Lucian well, but she boasts extraordinary carry power when she also uses Jerry well.

The beginning of the 2nd set was good, but it collapsed in the dragon team fight. How did the feedback come about?

During the dragon battle, I didn’t know Jace was joining the teamfight. A 4v5 teamfight was held, and we focused on the call-related part of the feedback. We talked about making sure to call.

In the 3rd set, the opponent pulled out the Twitch support. did you expect

I didn’t expect it. Still, since Beryl is good at various picks, I expected strange picks to come out, but I didn’t know Twitch.

Recently, one-deal champions are often used as supports

, and it seems like fun from a viewer’s point of view. However, from the standpoint of preparing, it is difficult because you have to do and study each one. If I think it’s a good pick, I’m thinking about using a one-dealer champion.

Before the match, the support match with Beryl was a hot topic, how was it?

Looking at the records, I was on a 20-set losing streak against Beryl. It’s been a long time since I’ve won, so I think I’ve crossed the wall. I feel good. I don’t remember winning, but I’m proud that I won.

The next match is against KT. Are you determined to face off?

I think the contents of the match before DRX are also good. KT is also in good spirits right now, but we will prepare well and win.

This season, he is active in Brion. Compared to last year, what improvements have been made?

The coach always told me about the excessive play I showed while eating my sight, and he gave me feedback and caught it well. We focused on improving that part. He also raised his proficiency for the recent meta pick, Utility Support.

Brion’s early momentum is good, but no one expected it before the opening game. What do you think of Effort?

It wasn’t smooth in the practice phase at the beginning of the season either. However, when I came to the competition, I think I got 3 wins because I got better than I did during practice. looking at it positively

Last thing I want to say

Thank you to the fans who always support us. I will not stop at my current grades, but I will achieve my goal by increasing the number of wins. 먹튀검증

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