“Quickly listen to the contents of the reading center” Gocheok Doosan-Kiwoom match on the 24th, ‘ML in operation’ Referee introduced wireless intercom… “Discuss introduction according to results”

‘Wireless Intercom’ was introduced in the KBO League.

KBO announced on the 24th,토토사이트 “We are piloting a ‘referee wireless intercom’ in the Kiwoom Heroes match against Doosan Bears held at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.” The referee’s wireless intercom is a device that allows referees to wear a wired headset/microphone at all times when reviewing video, rather than receiving and wearing a wired headset/microphone as in

the conventional method, so that the referee can receive readings more quickly from the review center.

system already in operation. On this day, the referees in charge of the Gocheok match wore wireless earphones and microphones.

As the need to gather and talk in person has disappeared, communication between each referee can be made instantly on the ground.

KBO said, “We are looking forward to helping with fairness and speedy accuracy of judgment,” and said, “We plan to discuss the introduction according to the results of the pilot operation.”

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