Recharge’ Busan I-Park begins to solidify its lead in two home games

Professional soccer team Busan I-Park has finished its international break and is looking to solidify its lead through two consecutive home games.

Busan will play consecutive home games at Busan Asiad Main Stadium against Seongnam FC at 6:30 p.m. on the 16th and against Ansan Greeners at 7:00 p.m. on the 19th.

Prior to the A-match period, Busan defeated top K League 2 rivals Gimpo FC (3-2), Gimcheon FC (2-0), and FC Anyang (1-0) in order and won three games in a row. Excluding the loss against Seoul E-Land (1-2) on the 20th of last month, the team has risen to 1st place in the league (53 points, 15 wins, 8 draws, 5 losses) with an upward trend of 5 wins and 1 loss since August alone. It has been about two months since Busan took the lead in early July.

Busan ranked first, but is on thin ice, only one point ahead of second place Gimcheon Sangmu (52 points, 16 wins, 4 draws, 8 losses). After regaining the lead, Busan, who recovered their stamina and re-conditioned their condition through the international break, plans to continue their winning streak in this two-game home game and widen the gap with second place. The team that ranks first in K League 2 will advance directly to the first division (K League 1) without a promotion playoff.

Seongnam (34 points, 8 wins, 10 draws, 10 losses) and Ansan (18 points, 4 wins, 6 draws, 17 losses) are lower-ranking teams, ranked 9th and 12th in K League 2, respectively. The performance of the last 5 games is also poor, with Seongnam having 1 win, 2 draws and 2 losses, and Ansan having 2 draws and 3 losses. For Busan, this is an opportunity to advance with 6 points.

However, their record against opponents this season is good, with 1 win and 1 loss against Seongnam and 1 win and 1 draw against Ansan. Since Busan was unable to overwhelm them, they must show a focused performance.카지노

Busan coach Park Jin-seop said, “Every single one of the remaining eight games is important,” and added, “We don’t want to put the burden of direct promotion on the players. “If we do our best in every game, it will lead to good results,” he said, expressing cautious confidence.

Meanwhile, Busan returns to Asiad Main Stadium two months after its home game against Anyang on July 24th. To mark the first home game of the Asiad in a long time, Busan is introducing a new ‘Coupang Play Zone’, a flexible seating area for supporters. Coupang Play Zone is a flexible seating area planned by Coupang Play and Busan I-Park, which hosted the international match held at Asiad Main Stadium in early August, and consists of standing seats with a capacity of 210 seats. It is offered at a significantly discounted price compared to the existing flexible seat, ‘Dynamic Stand 1234’.

In addition, the Busan club will unveil the third uniform produced in commemoration of its 40th anniversary at the stadium. The third uniform was produced with the motif of the 2000 Busan Icons uniform and is receiving a lot of attention from fans.

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