Respect for fighting spirit’ Austin, who showed respect for Jeongseong, who stood up again after being hit by a hard hit, gave ‘a thumbs up even though it was the opposing team’

Although it is the opposing team, respect’ KT Bae Seong, who endured the pain immediately after being hit by a batted ball and continued the follow-up play, collapsed and then froze again to practice pitching, LG Austin showed respect for the starting pitcher. .

A double header between 1st place LG Twins and 2nd place KT Wiz was held at Jamsil Stadium on the 27th. In the first game, LG won a complete victory in the mound battle. Starting pitcher Kelly pitched 7 scoreless innings and achieved 10 wins for the 5th consecutive year.

A dizzying scene was created at the moment when the first point was needed to take the lead in the second game of the double header. A hard ball hit by leadoff hitter LG Austin in the second inning hit the left leg of KT starting pitcher Bae Je-seong on the mound. Although he took defensive action immediately after pitching, the batting speed was so fast that he was unable to put his glove on it.

Despite being hit hard by a hard ball on the weakest part below his left knee, Bae Je-seong endured the pain and continued the follow-up play. He caught the batted ball, which hit his body and flowed sideways, with his bare hands and threw it toward first base. The throw of exclusion, which burned the fighting spirit, led to a bad throw and passed by the glove of first baseman Lee Ho-yeon. Austin, a batter-runner, took advantage of an opponent’s error and advanced to third base.먹튀검증

Bae Seong, who fell to the ground after defending, complained of pain so severe that he hit the ground. Chief Kim Tae-gyun and pitching coach Kim Tae-han rushed out with the trainer to check the condition of the starting pitcher who was hit by a batted ball. Bae Seong, who fell to the ground for a while and complained of pain, got up after being supported. Jeong Jae-seong, who wanted to continue the inning at all costs, endured the pain and stood on the mound again.

Austin, who settled on third base, looked at the possibility of exclusion, hoping that it was not a serious injury. When Bae Je-seong returned to the mound and signaled to the bench that he was okay after completing a few practice pitches, Austin gave a thumbs up with an apologetic gesture towards Bae Je-seong.

Even though it was the opposing team, Austin expressed respect for the team’s determination to continue playing even after being hit by a hard hit.

KT’s starting pitcher Jeo Seong led Oh Ji-hwan from third base with no outs to a fly ball to center field, trading the first out and a score from third base runner Austin. Afterwards, Kim Min-seong also hit a fly ball to center field. The bench, which was watching the exclusionary fight, had no choice but to remove the starting pitcher from the mound, judging that further pitching was unreasonable.

LG, which won both games of the double header, reduced the magic number of regular season wins to 6.

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