Ronaldo humiliation… Manchester United, 23 points after leaving Ronaldo, ‘overwhelming first place’

It is the great humiliation of Cristiano Ronaldo. Manchester United have risen to the top spot in the Premier League in terms of performance since Ronaldo’s departure.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ reported on the 14th (Korean time), “Man United is better off without Ronaldo. After Ronaldo’s last Manchester United match, the Premier League table is revealed.”

Ronaldo has been a ‘trouble maker’ for Manchester United this season. Missing training in pre-season because of his child’s sickness was nothing more than aegyo. He left work early for being substituted during a match, and was sued by the Football Association for assaulting a young Everton fan last season.

The highlight was the ‘club criticism interview’. In an interview with Piers Morgan, a British TV show host who worked on ‘CNN’ in November last year, Ronaldo exposed virtually everything about Manchester United. Players, coaches, and even club facilities could not escape Ronaldo’s sharp tongue.

Eventually, he parted ways with Manchester United. Ronaldo was released from the team by terminating his contract with Manchester United, and in January of this year, he built a new nest in Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr. Ronaldo, who was once praised as a Manchester United legend, eventually left the club with scars.

Since then, Man United has been on a winning streak. Marcus Rashford awakened at the right time and completely filled Ronaldo’s void. As the pressure and mobility from the front revived, manager Eric Ten Hag’s football more clearly melted into the team, and the problem of the absence of a striker became a minor drawback.

Numerically, this is also proved. In 13 matches, up to Ronaldo’s last appearance against Aston Villa, Manchester United had only 23 points with 7 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses. However, in the 10 matches since then, they have swept the same points with 7 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

This is the best record in the entire Premier League. During that period, Manchester United took the overwhelming first place, 5 points ahead of second place Brentford (18 points). Even though United have played the most games, it must be a great performance considering that only Brentford has the potential to surpass Manchester United even with 10 games. 먹튀검증

In this regard, ‘The Sun’ said, “Man Utd has gained the most points since Ronaldo left. Coach Ten Hag and the players scored 20 goals and conceded 9 points while taking 23 points.” explained that it was

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