Rookie’s ‘Visit to Parents’

Although it is not as good as the iG that he spent his youthful days, Rookie meets his own team where he showed his all.

On the 5th at 4pm, TES-NIP, RA-LNG, and EDG-RNG will face each other in the 2023 LPL Spring Week 3, Day 7 match held in 3 regions of China (Suzhou-Shanghai-Shenzhen).

With EDG-RNG, the biggest rivalry in the LPL, facing a clash, in the first match, the rookie faces his ‘parent team’.

TES-NIP ‘Hello, you who were my everything’

Ninjas in Pajamas (NIP, former V5) and Top Esports (TES) Rookie, who were everything to each other, face each other.

In terms of objective power, TES is superior. Especially since the rookie, who was the core of the team, left, NIP is struggling.

The previous match against JDG was truly a ‘slaughter drama’. While Jerry, a ruler with Missing (Yumi), performed a one-man show, none of the 5 members of NIP were able to ‘put a bell around Jerry’s neck’. The result was a complete defeat.

TES won an unexpected complete victory against RA.

TES, who did not have a big difference in RA and overall record, trampled the opponent with overwhelming power in both sets 1 and 2, with Qingtian (Darius) showing off his superpowers to defeat all 3-player attacks.

At the time, Qingtian’s strength was buried, but the protagonist of the first set was Rookie. The rookie overpowered opponent mid laner Strive (Sylus) in all laning, roaming, and teamfights, and launched a wave of offensive attacks, racking up 5 kills in just 15 minutes. 바카라사이트

It is no different in this game. While the match-up between Rookie and Dream, who are now facing each other as enemies, is drawing attention, the rookie’s dominance against the same ‘second group’ is expected.

However, Richie, who had not tasted Qingtian’s fist, delivered unfortunate news as his name was excluded from the starting lineup today.

RA-LNG ‘The day of the cube?’

Leaning Gaming (LNG) without a big contact – Rare Atom (RA) faces.

LNG, which has been on an undefeated streak since Scout joined, is looking at the second seed in the playoffs. While RNG, which was initially regarded as a competitive team, was about to be eliminated, the remaining competitor was EDG.

In this match, LP’s bottom line, which is aiming to become the LPL’s top contender, is expected to have the smallest difference in power, while Tarzan and Rayan, who have opposite playstyles, Cube with ‘small hexagon’ and Zika’s sharp ‘attack’, top line. In , the difference between SCOUT and STRIVE, which only have the same first letter, is also a very noticeable factor.

The only variable is ‘the day of the cube’. It really comes out every once in a while, but there are matches where Dai-i ‘Cube’ excels in laning matches and teamfights as well as ‘Heavyweight Top’ Theshy.

That match was the first set of the LPL summer against LNG in the previous season. At the time, with Jax, RA mercilessly sliced ​​the opponent’s top liner, Mr. Panda, and RA took the precious 1st win in the midst of difficulties.

It was the same with the meeting with TheShy. Although it didn’t lead to a match victory, last season, TheShy, who took out Kale, was perfectly countered with Nasus and inflicted 7 deaths. WBG’s victory plan, which was destroyed along with SOPM who tried to cover him, was split into ‘atomic units’. This is why you should be careful with cubes.

EDG-RNG ‘The Return of Ming’

The two best fandoms of LPL with deep history and tradition met.

Edward Gaming (EDG) dominated 2014-15. Since then, Royal Never Give Up (RNG), which dominated China with ‘Uzi Power’ until iG’s appearance in 2018, has a fan base as large as its history.

In the early 2020s, both teams proved themselves once again with MSI’s RNG and Worlds’ EDG.

Before the start of the season, EDG was evaluated as a passable playoff 2-3 seed level team (4th-6th place), and RNG was not much different.

It’s a bit different now. Unlike EDG, which had a decent season so far, RNG celebrated the year of the rabbit, produced ‘LPL’s best contender’, Bunny Wenkang Liu, and brought laughter to the LPL, which had been suffocating with ‘Top President’s Battle’.

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to see Bunny, who was responsible for the fun of the LPL.

On the 3rd, RNG announced the return of ‘Ming’ Si Sun-Ming. It seems that Bernie will no longer play because he is also included in the list.

Unless there is a big change, RNG is expected to win the match after a full set match. However, the key is how much ‘Ming’, who went on vacation, regained a sense of real combat.

Starting with the TES-NIP game at 4:00 p.m., the match can be seen on the LPL official website, three Chinese streaming channels (more than Chinese), Twitch-YouTube (English), and Afreeca TV (Korean).

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