‘Scouter Transformation’ Kim Jae-hyun appeared in Gonjiam… I asked him about SSG’s young future.

A familiar face appeared on the Konjiam Team-Up Campus.

It is Kim Jae-hyun, who started working as an SSG scout this year. It has been less than a month since Jaehyun Kim was appointed as a scout. This is only my second visit to the site. The appearance of Kim Jae-hyun standing with a notebook and pen, not a bat glove, was a bit awkward, but his quiet and friendly smile and sincerity in watching the game standing upright even in cold weather were still the same.

He didn’t sit down for a moment until the moment the game was over, he stood upright and watched the game. 슬롯사이트

I was able to hear a lot about the recent situation of SSG from him. Above all, Kim Jae-hyeon had high expectations for Cho Hyung-woo (20). “So good. Above all, the shoulders are good. And the bat is good. Last year, he knows that SSG showed no interest in Kim Bum-seok. It’s probably because of Jo Hyeong-woo. I think it’s enough to sit right (in the game),” he praised his mouth dry. Cho Hyeong-woo postponed his enlistment and is preparing for the season at the 1st team spring camp.

Regarding the newcomer Kim Min-jun (19), who was recently included in the first team spring camp, he evaluated more calmly as it was his position. He tried to tell a good story with a bit of lip service to his other positions, but he made no compromises at the infielder position (particularly at shortstop).

Scout Kim Jae-hyun said, “I tried to match breathing just once, but the defense is fine. (Definitely) It’s okay. It looks like it will be difficult right now, but if I train properly for two years, I think I can definitely use it in the first team. Above all, the throw is good and accurate. There is stability. He handles the ball that comes in front of him with certainty. However, the left and right range is still narrow. It seems that it is not easy to play an active role in the first team right away.”

Regarding Kim Chang-pyeong (22), who was nominated in the first round as an infielder, I had never seen him before as he was enlisted in the military. This is because SSG’s infield is already somewhat assorted, and there are many question marks in the outfield.

Right now, there are veteran players such as Kim Kang-min who may be absent at any time, so we always have to supplement the outfielders. In that sense, Kim Chang-pyeong, who is good at batting, is a sufficient reserve resource. In addition, there was an expectation that Ha Jae-hoon, who returned from playing ‘Bones’ in Geelong Korea, and Choi Ji-hoon, who had boarded the WBC national team, would hold the center of the team.

Among young infield juniors from other clubs, Lee Young-bin (LG) was highly valued. “I personally think he is a good player. Later, he thinks that Jihwan is a player who can succeed his older brother. He’s a good defensive player, a good bat, and a good arm.”

Recently, high school baseball is experiencing an infield famine. Of course, Lee Jae-sang (Seongnam High School) and Lee Ho-jun (Daegu Sangwon High School) stand out, but frankly, there are not enough infielders to be the worst in recent years. Regarding this phenomenon, Kim Jae-hyun said, “It seems inevitable. However, this is clear. Once you are not good at throwing, you can never become a professional infielder. I haven’t seen a case where throwing was unstable in A-Ma, but it was corrected in the pro. Shoulder strength is important, but more important than that is throwing accurately.”

On this day (21st), a match between Gyeonggi Air High School and Gangwon High School was taking place at Konjiam. Park Jeong-hyeon (18, 3rd grade), a shortstop and right-handed hitter,

scout Kim said, “I need to see more. I’m still new to the field, so I probably don’t know much about the players. But looking at it so far, I think he’s a good player. I think we need to quickly figure out what the reality of Korean high school baseball is like and what the average is.”

Currently, SSG’s team leader Song Tae-il has moved to Yook Sung-gun. And in the current state, the scouting team leader is vacant. However, as the sincere man Kim Jae-hyun was transfused into the SSG scout team, the work of selecting the future of SSG gained more momentum.

“I was a 5th rounder. In this year’s 5th round, I will try to pick a player who is much better than me,” he said, revealing his determination to enter as a scout.

Kim Jae-hyun started his professional career in 2014 after being nominated by the Samsung Lions in the 54th round of the 2nd round. After leaving Samsung after the 2021 season, he joined SSG in 2022 and played for a year. His career first-team performance was a batting average of 0.203 (55 hits in 271 at-bats) and 28 RBIs in 267 games.

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