Seo Han-sol, who is preparing for a true ‘Future of Beauty’ “I’ll show you my skills in the team league”

The individual tour was difficult to harvest, but the team stage was still left.

On the 1st, the ‘Crown Haetae PBA-LPBA Championship (8th Tour) LPBA round of 128~64, which was held at the Bitmaru Broadcasting Center in Goyang, was all finished. In the round of 128, the entire group 1st place and the top 6 players in group 2nd place will advance to the round of 32.

This tournament is the last gateway to the regular tour of the PBA Championship, which is held from 1st to 8th. Only the strong players with the 32nd place in cumulative ranking points at the end of the season will get a ticket to the PBA World Championship, the ‘King of Kings’.

Because of this, it is natural that billiards enthusiasts pay a lot of attention to the last tournament. Players who were ranked at the bottom throughout the season can advance to the semi-finals or higher and earn a lot of points at once, so they can take a cue and stand out confidently in the ‘King of Kings’. LPBA championship points are awarded 50,000 points and runner-up points are awarded 25,000 points.

Everyone expected a surprise in the LPBA round of 128. Seo Han-sol (Blue One Resort), who did not show much improvement in the individual tour this season, entered the round of 64 with a cumulative score of 98 points and an average of 1.045. However, in the Survival Round of 64 with Kim Ga-young (Hana Card), Kim Sang-ah, and Park Eun-kyung, she was unfortunately eliminated in third place in the group.

The past 3 years for Hansol Seo have been very long. In the first season of the PBA, he defeated Kim Ga-young in the survival match and won the runner-up in the Shinhan Financial Investment Championship, creating a stir. Although he missed the championship, he made it to the semifinals in the 3rd tour, the Wellbang Championship. 먹튀검증

However, the pro final stage was only that year. Even in the 2020-21 season, the results were not bad, but it was difficult to rise above the round of 16. I reached the quarterfinals only once in the opening game. In the 2021-22 season, the best result was the round of 16, and this season it was only in the round of 32. I tried to reap the beauty of the end of the 8th tour, the Crown Haitai Championship, but it was not easy.

After the match, Seo Han-sol, who met with the reporter of this magazine, showed a clear expression of regret. He said, “In the first round (round of 128), the table seemed to go well as expected, so in the round of 64, although I played on a different table, the (table) variance was not large, so I thought that if I woke up and hit it, I could bring good averages and good skills.” Confessed.

He then diagnosed the defeat, saying, “In the round of 128, I received a lot of good ball arrangements and arrangements that would loosen my arms in the beginning, but in the round of 64, the initial arrangement was difficult.”

When asked what was the most difficult part of the game, Seo Han-sol smiled bitterly, saying, “It was that I couldn’t use the pitch I had prepared so far.”

Besides, wouldn’t it be burdensome to be assigned a group with ‘Queen’ Kim Ga-yeong (Hana Card) and become a collective ‘group of death’? When I asked, the answer was unexpected.

He said, “Actually, there was an influence on the group formation until last season, but as I entered this season, everyone was as good as (Kim) Ga-young, so I thought I just had to do well,” he said. “But in today’s game, my next turn Player Kim Sang-ah had a small gap with me, and I thought that if I paid attention to the next position, I could go up to the round of 32, but Kim Sang-ah (44 points, 2nd place in the group) gave a high run and eventually went up.”

“Before the round of 128, I actually had the mindset of the past when I won the prize, I thought I would try without greed. But after the round of 128, that didn’t work out and I became greedy. Yeah, I was thinking of breaking through head-on…”

Although the individual tour came to an end unfortunately, the team, Blue One Resort, is running second in the integrated regular league in the post-war period. We have to prepare for the postseason right away without having time to regret it.

When the story of the team league came out, Hansol Seo said, “This season, the team continued to give me many opportunities. Since I played without greed, I think it worked out better in the team league than in the individual competition.”

He continued, “Last year, I was a hole in the team (laughs), but this year, in order not to be left behind, I thought I would do one person unconditionally. Also, because the fans have expectations for me, I must show my skills that I couldn’t show in individual competitions in the team league. I will show you a lot,” he reaffirmed his determination. The training for the true ‘beauty of the species’ continues immediately.

Meanwhile, the Crown Haitai Championship kicks off with an opening ceremony at 11:30 am on the 2nd, and at 12:00 pm, the men’s PBA round of 128 kicks off the tournament in earnest.

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