SPL gives 亞 a chance to become ‘Ki Sung-yueng’

In Korea alone, Celtic and Rangers, famous SPL players, have shown interest in Cho Kyu-sung, and Oh Hyun-kyu and Kwon Hyuk-kyu are also receiving interest from Celtic. Celtic recently succeeded in signing Yuki Kobayashi and Tomoki Iwata from Japan.

It’s not a coincidence that things like this happen. America’s ‘Forbes’ analyzed the reason. 안전놀이터

The key is that many Asian players have a goal of leaping into the English Premier League (EPL) using the SPL as a springboard. The representative player mentioned to show this example was Ki Sung-yong of Korea.

Ki Sung-yueng moved to Celtic from K-League FC Seoul in 2010, and headed to Swansea City in 2012. Afterwards, Ki Sung-yueng was recognized as a high-level midfielder in the EPL and successfully settled down on the English stage. He is a ‘role model’ for Asian players who are challenging the SPL.

The media said, “The SPL is helping Asian players enter the EPL. The SPL is acting as a stepping stone. Since the SPL has a lower entry barrier for foreign players than the EPL, Scotland is a good choice for Asian players to advance to Europe. “It could be, and success in Scotland will make it easier to move to the south of England.”

The media continued, “Korea’s Kyu-seong Cho has recently been strongly connected to Celtic. There are also Hyun-kyu Oh and Hyuk-gyu Kwon.

At the same time, an interview with Cho Kyu-sung was published. Cho Kyu-seong said, “All players will want to go to the EPL. I am the same. I think it’s right to go to a place where you can play on any stage and grow in order to go to that stage.”

Recruiting Asian players could benefit SPL clubs as well. It is a win-win strategy for clubs and players.

The media said, “If SPL clubs also send Asian players to the EPL within a few seasons, they can benefit significantly. While EPL clubs are paying attention to South American young players, SPL clubs are looking for potential in Asia.” Analyzed.

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