‘Strong determination to go to Europe’ Yang Hyun-jun, Oh Hyun-gyu and Hansotbap… Gangwon-Celtic transfer fee 3.3 billion ↑ ‘Agreement’

Hyunjun Yang (21‧ Gangwon) is moving to Celtic, Scotland.

Anthony Joseph of England’s ‘Sky Sports’ said on the 14th (Korean time), “Celtic has an imminent contract with Gangwon FC winger Yang Hyeon-jun. Personal conditions do not matter.”

Yang Hyeon-jun joined Gangwon in 2021 and initially played an active part in Team B. Once he became an ace, he also had opportunities in the first team and played 10 league and FA Cup matches. And he bloomed last season. He won the ‘Young Player Award’ after producing 8 goals and 4 assists in 36 league appearances. He was also selected as a K-League All-Star during the season, and left a strong impression with a fantastic performance against Tottenham Hotspur.

He’s been a bit underwhelming this season, but at 21, he’s got enough potential to keep Celtic on edge. And the offer arrived through the summer transfer window. On the 22nd of last month, an official from Gangwon acknowledged in a phone call with ‘Inter Football’, “It is true that we actually received an offer.”

However, transfer negotiations were slow. Gangwon has fallen into an all-time slump and is staying in the relegation zone. It was the position that the team’s key players could not be given out in the competition to remain. An official from Gangwon said, “It is good to send players to Europe from our point of view. However, it is not easy to send players because the current team situation is not good. Yang Hyun-joon is the core of the team, so it’s a difficult situation to let go.”

At this, Yang Hyun-joon expressed his frustration. In the mixed zone of the away match against Incheon United in the last 20th round (July 2), he said, “I asked to meet you, but I haven’t met you yet. It’s a bit unfortunate in that respect. That personal part affects my performance. How do you deal with this problem? I have to resolve it. Whether I stay here or there, I think it can be helpful to individual performance and the team. I think I need to solve it quickly and prepare within this week.”

In addition, regarding the transfer fee, he said, “If the transfer fee is not enough, I want to go even if I cut my annual salary. In addition, regarding the possibility of staying, he said, “Not yet. If I can’t go, I can’t help it. But I really want to go. I have to try.”안전놀이터추천

As time passed, the meeting that Yang Hyun-joon had hoped for took place. An official from Gangwon explained on the 6th, “(CEO Kim Byeong-ji and Yang Hyun-jun) talked and resolved the misunderstanding between them. We plan to do our best in each other’s positions in the future.

Hyunjun Yang’s dream has come true. According to reports on the 14th, Celtic and Gangwon have reached an agreement in the transfer fee negotiations. It is a huge amount of more than 3.3 billion won in Hanwha.

Celtic is where Oh Hyun-kyu is active. In January of this year, he moved his nest through the winter transfer market and scored 7 goals in 21 official matches. And he achieved a ‘domestic treble’ with the team. From the next season, you can see the attacking team with Oh Hyun-gyu in the front line and Yang Hyun-jun in the side wing.

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