Suwon Samsung recruits ‘Korean-Japanese’ CB Han Ho-gang…strengthening central defense

Suwon Samsung strengthened their central defense by recruiting Korean-Japanese centerback Han Ho-gang.

Suwon Samsung announced on the 14th, “We have recruited Han Ho-gang. The contract period is 1+1 years, and his uniform number is 5. Instead, we decided to lease Hwang Myung-hyun to the Jeonnam Dragons for 1 year.”

Han Ho-gang played for Japan’s J-League 3 Akita and J-League 1 Yokohama FC before playing for Jeonnam Dragons last year. He recorded 7 points and 8 assists in 139 appearances in his professional career, including 15 K-League 2 games last year.

Han Ho-gang, who is 186 cm and 77 kg, is a central defender and has high RBI headers and interpersonal marks as strengths. He is also expected to be highly useful in counterattack situations because his build-up is sophisticated when switching his attacks and his middle kicks using the left and right sides are good.

Han Ho-gang said, “The dream of Ahn Young-hak and Jeong Tae-se, who I respect, has actually happened since they were playing for Suwon Samsung. When the transfer was confirmed, Ahn Young-hak called and told me about Suwon Samsung’s pride.” I will show my performance,” he said. 메이저놀이터

Meanwhile, Han Ho-gang joined the Jeju battery training camp on the 10th and is digesting his team training.

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