Team meeting after falling to the bottom, what did manager Park Jin-man say

“We are a team with many young players. The players must find confidence.”

The Samsung Lions fell to the bottom for the first time since the start of the season. On the 22nd, Samsung lost 1-2 against Daegu Kiwoom Heroes. On the same day, the rankings of the two teams changed as the Hanwha Eagles beat the KIA Tigers and won two consecutive victories. Samsung fell behind Hanwha in 10th place by 0.5 games. It is a shocking report card for Samsung, the ‘famous family of tradition’.

Samsung’s ranking gradually fell from 5th to 7th and 8th on May 12th. On the 16th, it was pushed to 9th place, and it was pushed to the last place.먹튀검증

A rebound factor is needed somehow. Coach Park Jin-man hosted a team meeting after the Kiwoom match on the 22nd. Coach Park said at this meeting, “We’ve been doing well so far. But since there are many young beasts in our team, the pressure is high and everyone seems to be psychologically anxious. Let’s relax a little. Didn’t we go down enough to go down anyway? , I had a winning streak in the early stages. Once I get excited, I can go up again. Let’s all have confidence.”

Samsung currently has players in their 20s playing the main role due to the replacement of the Yasujin generation. However, there is a fatal flaw that makes it difficult to get out of the stagnant atmosphere due to relatively little experience in this situation. Oh Jae-il, the core of the batting line, went down to the second group after poor hitting, and the injury of another key hitter, Kang Min-ho, is also one of the reasons that cannot be overlooked.

However, coach Park Jin-man tried to keep the team atmosphere bright. Coach Park said, “But what I think positively right now is that our starting rotation is running well. I think it’s good because there are such positive elements. I think we should do that,” and ordered “fighting.”

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