The 10 goals he scored with the nickname ‘Tank’, and the recruitment of ‘Joo Min-gyu’s replacement’ Yuri Jonatan was a ‘big hit’

The 10th goal that Jeju United’s Brazilian striker Yuri Jonatan (25) scored in the 34th round of ‘Hana One Q K League 1 2023’ against Suwon on the 22nd has a special meaning compared to other people’s double-digit scores.

Jonatan, who received concerns and criticism after joining Jeju early this year as a replacement for Joo Min-gyu (Ulsan), who scored the most goals in K-League 1 for the past two seasons in a row, is being honest like his nickname ‘Tank’ while the team is going through the most difficult time after promotion this season. He was responsible for the front line of the team. During the time of former coach Ki-il Nam, there were many games in which he did not appear as a starter, and he was substituted during the game, but he contributed to the scoring most consistently among the Jeju squad. He also has 4 assists at the same time. The share of the team’s score is approximately 34.1%. About a third of the goals were scored by Yuri Jonatan’s headers or feet. In the match against Suwon, Lee Ki-hyuk’s cross was headed in.

Jeju won 2-0 in the home game against Suwon with an additional goal from Yuri Jonatan, breaking away from a 4-game losing streak and a 7-game winless streak (1 draw, 6 losses). Jeju, located in 9th place with 38 points, is the Maginot Line for remaining, increasing its chances of remaining as 10th place Suwon FC (32 points), 11th place Gangwon (26 points), and 12th place Suwon (25 points) all failed to win in the same round. ‘Orange Bird of Victory’ Yuri Jonatan’s contribution was great. Yuri Jonatan also scored multiple goals against Suwon FC on August 12, the last win before Suwon, leading to a 3-0 win. The 6-point gap with 10th-place Suwon FC, which is in the relegation play-off zone, could have been created by Yuri Jonatan.토토사이트

Yuri Jonatan is ranked 2nd in the number of successful aerial ball duels and powerful post plays based on his overwhelming physicality, to the point that defenders of opposing teams who directly faced each other said, ‘If Yuri Jonatan has his back to you, you can’t see in front of him’ ( He demonstrated his proven ability to control aerial balls (186) to the fullest. Above all, I have finished adjusting to the league and team. There is already an assessment going around that ‘the firepower of tanks will likely become stronger next year.’ However, from Jeju’s perspective, there are many mountains to overcome within this year to think about next year. In order to confirm their stay early, they must get 3 points in the away game against Gangwon in the 35th round on the 28th. After that, on November 1st, they will play the FA Cup semifinals at home against Pohang. If they win against Pohang, they will have to play the long-awaited final against the winner of the Incheon-Jeonbuk semifinal at the same home stadium on the 4th. Yuri Jonatan has been reborn as ‘Jeju’s man’ by scoring all 5 of his 11 goals at home, including the goal against Daejeon Hana in the FA Cup quarterfinals. Jeju, which spent a considerable amount of transfer fee to recruit Yuri Jonatan, hopes that Yuri Jonatan will become the ‘Man of November’.

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