The beginning of Samsung’s ‘Great Counterattack’, after all, stabilizing the starting lineup first… ‘signs’ are fine

 The lowest-ranking Samsung is aiming for a counterattack in the second half. Crisis of being in last place for the first time since its founding. A different look should come out. The starting point should eventually be a ‘stable starter’. We struggled throughout the first half. The second half is expected to improve. There was a ‘sign’ at the end of the first half.

Samsung ranked last with a team ERA of 4.56 in the first half. The starting ERA is 4.32. this is number 9 Bullpen ERA was also 4.97, ninth. If either side is good, the team can gain strength, but both sides were not good.

Compared to the bullpen, the starting side was at least better. Still, deep regret remains. The cards to trust were inconsistent, and some were dropped due to injuries. The 5 starters did not return alone.

First of all, the 5th selection was a concern throughout the first half. Yang Chang-seop, Jang Pil-joon, Heo Yun-dong, Hwang Dong-jae and others stepped up, but no one could make it to their place.

When Choi Chae-heung was discharged from the military in mid-June, he made the mound as the 5th starter, but only the first game was good (5.1 innings scoreless), and he came down early in all 4 games after that.

The 1st to 4th selection also had a jagged feeling. First starter David Buchanan did his part. He went 7-6 with a 2.88 earned run average in 17 games and 109.1 innings. For the first time since his debut in the 2020 season, he has an ERA in the 2-point range.

Albert Suarez is left to regret. 16 games, 94 innings, 3 wins and 7 losses, an average ERA of 4.02. I ate quite a few innings, but the content was not very good. He has an earned run average of 4.91 in April and an earned run average of 5.79 in June. It was jagged.

The native ace Won Tae-in also had ups and downs. The season record is 90.2 innings in 15 games, 4 wins and 5 losses, and an average ERA of 3.18. As seen in the 10th episode of Quality Start, the content was good, but the difference between good times and bad times was stark.

Baek Jeong-hyun is 70.2 innings in 13 games, 4 wins and 5 losses, and an average ERA of 3.95. It’s not bad. Conversely, not good either. In particular, he faltered with an earned run average of 6.53 in four games in June. He also had to end the first half early due to an elbow injury.

Selection is the basis of the game. If the starting pitcher pitches well, the odds of winning increase. This is one of the reasons Samsung struggled. After all, in order to counterattack in the second half, it is essential for the starting team to consistently show good performances.

There was a positive signal at the end of the first half. First of all, Buchanan made 2 wins and 1 loss and an average ERA of 2.14 in 3 games in July. In the final game, against KIA on the 13th, he won a complete game with 9 innings and 1 run.

Suarez also made 5 scoreless innings and 6 scoreless innings in 2 games in July. The ERA is 0. After Kim Tae-gun, who formed the battery, went to trade, he teamed up with Kang Min-ho in the NC match on the 9th. He had at least three hits this season. Director Park Jin-man also expressed his satisfaction.

Wontaein is also good. He made an ERA of 1.73 in 4 games in June, and is better with an ERA of 1.46 in 2 games in July. It is strange that he only won one win during this period. It was not easy at the beginning of the season as I went to the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), but I was fully settled.

Baek Jung-hyun is also looking at the second half. A Samsung official said, “We are preparing for a comeback in the second half. He also pitched in the bullpen before the All-Star break. He explained that it is difficult to say specifically when he will be on the mound.”

It is currently unknown when he will return, but if he comes normally, he is a resource that can take on a starting position. Although the 5th selection is a concern, it is not that there are no resources at all. Of course, it would be best if Choi Chae-heung took his place.

Manager Park Jin-man said, “The players are returning one after another. I think it will run smoothly. Baek Jung-hyun should return to the starting lineup. Choi Chae-heung also had some ups and downs. If you take good care of it and build your body, you will be fine. 5 If the starting lineup is well established, the bullpen is consumed less. He doesn’t have to do a bullpen day. It will help the operation,” he pointed out.

“We are not bad at selection. The bullpen is also improving. This is the time when the overall atmosphere of the team rises. I think the second half will get better.”먹튀검증

It’s definitely time for a change. It may not be easy to get out of last place right away. Fall baseball is even more so. But it can’t end like this. The reason for the rebound should be found by Samsung itself. The starting point is the starting lineup.

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