The director is very angry…why is he being so funny?’

It’s obviously an angry

scene .먹튀검증 A strikeout is declared when the player hits the strike zone. However, as soon as Yankees manager Aaron Boone expresses his dissatisfaction with the decision, the referee immediately declares the ejection and the argument begins to intensify. The director who is very angry. He draws a line next to the home plate and even imitates the referee’s strikeout call. The ball hit the zone exactly, but they said it exploded due to complaints from the previous judgment… This scene ridiculously followed the referee! Do you think it will remain a topic of conversation forever? === Kim Ha-seong, who is showing off his aggressive instincts that have recently risen. He hit well from the first at-bat in the first inning.. isn’t it a pity? In the third inning, he kicked the first pitch slider exquisitely, continuing his 13-game hitting streak. The shoulder dance has no choice but to come out, right? He stepped on first base again in the fifth inning. 15 consecutive games on base, tied with Ichiro’s Asian player record! The MLB record is Ted Williams’ 23 games. Kim Ha-sung’s performance in summoning the names of legends looks really great, doesn’t it?

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