The King of Salvation from Japan, who left to fulfill his dream, ended his ML dream after 2 years and returned to NPB

먹튀검증 Former major leaguer Sawamura Hirokazu (35), who returned to the Chiba Lotte Marines, expressed his feelings about returning.

Chiba Lotte announced a contract with Sawamura on the 28th. Shortly after being traded from the Yomiuri Giants to Chiba Lotte in September 2020, Sawamura announced his advance to the major leagues in 2021. He signed a 2 + 1 year contract with the Boston Red Sox for $6.75 million, but became a free agent after a transfer nomination in September of last year.

Sawamura, who recorded 37 saves for Yomiuri in 2016 and became the king of salvation in the Central League, challenged his long-time dream of major league and recorded an average ERA of 3.39 with 6 wins, 2 losses and 13 holds in 104 games in Boston. He also played an active role as a middle pitcher, but he could not overcome his anxiety.

On the 28th, Sawamura held a press conference at his home stadium, ZOZO Marine Stadium. Initially greedy for staying in the major leagues, he said, “I had a lot to think about.

Regarding joining Chiba Lotte, he said, “When I went to the United States, I had a great feeling that I would keep the meaning of Chiba Lotte, which I was happy to send to me. The fact that coach Yoshii, who had been a coach, took office as manager also moved my heart.”

Masato Yoshii, head coach of Chiba Lotte, said he would use Sawamura as a relief pitcher. Sawamura said, “The position is decided by the coach. I think that players can prepare better if they know and move without the coach saying. It is natural as a professional,” he did not care about the position.

Lastly, Sawamura said, “I didn’t choose to enjoy baseball, I chose Chiba Lotte to win. As a team that hasn’t won a championship for several years, I have to say things I don’t want to say to make Chiba Lotte a winning team. Stand at the forefront to unite the team. I want to be the one who leads,” he said, expressing his intention to take the lead as a veteran.

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