The main character of the solo POG, ‘Zecca’ Kim Geon-woo “Akali World Cup skin, it’s neat because it’s a female. You can look forward to it”

“Zecca” Kim Geon-woo raised expectations for his Worlds skin.

On the 23rd, at Roll Park in Jongno, Seoul, the second round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’, Hanwha Life Insurance vs. Brion, ended.

On this day, Hanwha Life Insurance defeated Brion and ran for three consecutive wins. Hanwha Life Insurance, which was triggered late, could not be stopped. He dominated the game by actively using the second half combination.

The protagonist of the first set was Kim Geon-woo, who caught Kassadin. In an interview with Riot’s official broadcast after the match, he said, “It’s very good to start the second round and continue winning streaks, and it’s even better to receive a solo POG.”

Kim Gun-woo, whose strength is CS supply and demand. As for the secret to good CS, he explained, “I don’t know that team members drive CS, and CS has to be good at laning. It depends on the management of laning.” 바카라사이트

Hanwha Life Insurance earned up to 6,000 gold in 15 minutes in 3 sets. As feedback for the 2nd set, he said, “Before entering the 3rd set, I asked to bring a pick that the opponent is good at.”

Kim Kun-woo quickly picked Akali in the third set. Regarding the background of his trademark Akali pick, he confessed, “I thought that there would be no match if I only ate CS well in the laning game. So I focused on CS.”

Regarding the 3rd set Akali-Rise composition, he explained, “Akali has nothing to do in the beginning, but luckily the laning match worked out well, so I think it worked well when the opponent was using it.”

Kim Gun-woo chose Akali as the Worlds winning skin. He raised expectations for the soon-to-be-released Akali skin, saying, “I’ve seen the skin made. It’s definitely a female character, so it’s neat and pretty. I think it will come out well.”

Lastly, Kim Kun-woo emphasized, “It’s scary that Guangdong will do better than when we met in the first round, but we have to deal with it well.”

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