The prophecy “The day when Hanwha fans will smile is coming” comes true… Subero Hardcore was cruel but right

 In the end, what happened on the night of May 11th was Hanwha’s sacrifice for today. The people who made him leave also understand what he said before he left.메이저사이트 추천

It was the night of May 11th. Hanwha beat Daejeon Samsung 4-0. They finished their 3 home matches during the week with 2 wins and 1 loss, winning series. Moreover, at the time, the May record was on the rise with 5 wins and 2 losses. However, CEO Park Chan-hyuk and general manager Son Hyuk sacked manager Carlos Subero.

There was strong criticism among some fans. It was because the hard timing and method were not smooth. It was a reasonable point. However, the Hanwha front was firm. In the 2022-2023 free agent market, he clearly expressed his will for grades by recruiting external free agents such as Chae Eun-seong, Lee Tae-yang, and Oh Seon-jin, but there was a side to the manager continuing ‘experimental baseball’. There was also skepticism about the extreme defensive shift.

The most different thing after the start of the coaching system of Choi Won-ho at Hanwha is that the winning formula has begun to be clearly visible. First of all, the batting order was almost fixed between Lee Jin-young, Kim In-hwan, Noh Si-hwan, Nick Williams, Chae Eun-seong and Moon Hyun-bin. It is a strategy that acknowledges the weakness of the lower batting line and maximizes productivity in the table setter and central batting line.

On the mound, new foreign pitchers Ricardo Sanchez and Felix Pena, and top-notch rookie Moon Dong-joo will surely play the roles of the 1st to 3rd starters. The bullpen also has a winning formula, with Park Sang-won as the axis, Jae-min Kang, Beom-soo Kim, Dae-kyung Yoon, and Hyun-sang Joo are firmly committed to winning. Veteran Jung Woo-ram fills in the lack of experience for them.

Through their recent 8 consecutive wins, Hanwha has proven that their winning formula works. A good pitch by the starting pitcher always results in a single shot from the center of the batting line. And Pilseungye Tujo kept a close lead. It is a clear division of labor and role establishment.

From the 23rd to the 25th of last month,먹튀검증 he secretly talked a lot about his operating philosophy at the Changwon NC 3rd Division. The batting line is more effective when it is fixed as much as possible, baseball goes one more base, but it is necessary to thoroughly select and choose according to the characteristics of the batter, and if the pitcher is not good, it is right to give enough time to maintain and operate Plan B made a point This, in the end, was about the conditions for playing baseball as unequivocal as possible in the reality of the Hanwha 1st team. And with this 8-game winning streak, he has proven it to some extent.

It would be absurd to say that director Choi Won-ho changed everything. Basically, I have to admit that former coach Subero has cultivated the field for two years. However, it must be acknowledged that coach Choi quickly cleaned up and polished the rough field. From 2020’s acting manager experience to the last 2 years’ second-team manager experience. He is a leader who knows the capabilities of Hanwha members better than former coach Subero.

In some ways, the current moment, when the 8-game winning streak has ended, is the most important. This is because one of the main roles of a coach is to minimize fatigue from winning streaks and manage the team so that it does not fall into a long losing streak. That’s how Hanwha is reborn as a normal, ordinary team out of rebuilding baseball and experimental baseball. It is natural for the first team to play winning baseball, but Hanwha has not been able to do that for a long time.

The resignation of former head coach Subero at the Hanwha Front was brutal. However, now that I think about it again, it was an unavoidable, appropriate action. Paradoxically, the words that former head coach Subero put out while leaving Korea, “A day will come when Hanwha fans will smile,” were true.

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