The secret weapon of the other ships of the dinosaur corps… LA training, response over form, minimizing stress

NC delivered the news of spring camp on the 11th (hereafter Korean time). Oh Young-soo said, “In the camps of the past few years, I only looked forward and ran, but this camp seems to have given me more peace of mind to find my own theme and lead the training. In the Daily Routine, I found a training method that suits me and It’s good to be able to prepare. The agency provided a good opportunity, so I did individual training in the US for about 2 weeks (1/3~18) before joining the camp. I had a batting mechanism analysis at a baseball training center in LA, and I had a swing mechanism. I felt that there were many weaknesses. Before entering the camp, Song Ji-ji, but I told the hitting coach Jeon Min-soo about the analysis and future direction, and the two of them are helping me a lot so that I can maintain the modified mechanism well. I will make it possible for you to move it.”

Kim Seong-wook said, “I prepared better than ever before. In the past, I had a lot of worries about the batting form. I thought a lot in the management and felt that even if I made a good form, it was important to respond in practice. “I don’t think about it. I’m focusing on timing with the pitcher and responding to the ball. Because there is a gap in practice, I don’t know how the pitcher’s ball will feel when I step into the plate, but I will quickly find my senses and show a good performance.” did.

Hitting coach Song Ji-man said, “Oh Young-soo had a high swing rate last season. He went to the US during the off-season to identify problems and prepared for them. We had a conversation to bring about a change in trust and pitching awareness. Now, players entering the transition mode to prepare for the game should not increase their stress index at this time. I plan to provide feedback so that stress can be minimized and stability maintained. Seong-wook Kim had an elbow surgery before he was discharged from Commerce, and there was a gap in the actual game. It seems that he has been building his body well throughout the winter to relieve his sense of the game and the elements of anxiety about previous failures. Rather than a lot of feedback, he is looking for a technical feeling and I am giving enough time to relieve the anxiety factor when I go in. As a player with a lot of experience, I expect to be able to recover my sense of the game soon. 온라인카지노

Jeong Gu-bum said, “I participated in an overseas camp for the first time in my 4th year as a member. There are many things to learn just by watching while working out with seniors, and there are many brothers my age, so it is good to be able to ask questions comfortably. I was under a lot of stress and lost my confidence and lethargy, but since the second half of last year my physical condition has improved and my stress has decreased and my confidence has increased. Now I want to show the image I prepared while checking and managing my physical condition without being aware of the people around me. In the first pitching, I focused on adapting to the mound and balancing, and in the second pitching, I focused on pitching, and I am satisfied that I seem to be throwing the ball little by little as I want. I am working on it. I will prepare well and live up to expectations.” In the second pitching of this camp, Jung Gu-beom recorded 40 pitches each with an intensity of 80-90% and recorded a fastball speed of 142 km.

Ha Jun-young said, “Last year’s camp started at 0, but this year I started at around 7-8. During the 22nd season, my anxiety about injuries disappeared, and I gained confidence because I didn’t get sick. 100% before pitching, but The speed is good and the content seems to be good. After the injury, the speed did not come up quickly, so I pitched mainly with breaking balls, but this year I want to regain my speed and give the feeling of overwhelming batter with a fastball. He threw 30 pitches at 80-90% intensity and recorded a fastball speed of 140 km.

Coach Kim Soo-kyung said, “Injury is what Jeong Gu-beom should focus on. Up until now, he has been raising his pace without any problems with his body. The process of showing his skills in the game is more important. As he is a candidate for the starting rotation, I look forward to taking good care of myself and showing off my skills. Ha Jun-young camped in the process of recovering last year. This year, he is free from the burden of the injured part and is going to camp on the right track. As he started pitching, he improved his old speed. I’m looking forward to it. I expect to show a slightly better image this year.”

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