The strongest Woori Bank was caught again, “We are the underdog”… The reason why Shinhan Bank shouts like this

“If we always think of ourselves as underdogs, things work out.”

Guna Dan (41), coach of Shinhan Bank in Incheon, emphasized that we must keep the ‘underdog’ mind after the Asan Woori Bank match on the 30th. In this game, Shinhan Bank defeated the strongest Woori Bank 74-72. This happened less than two weeks after stopping Woori Bank’s 15-game winning streak on the 18th. In this game, even though Park Hye-jin and Choi Lee-sam returned to Woori Bank, they produced the same result.

However, coach Koo lowered the team’s power to ‘underdog’. There is a reason. It is to guard against possible arrogance. Shinhan Bank is fighting a fierce battle for ranking. It recorded 11 wins and 10 losses and was tied for third place with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance. 2nd place Busan BNK Som and 5th place Cheongju KB Stars, who are only 2 games behind, are terrifyingly rising after Park Ji-soo’s return from the ‘National Treasure Center’. KB Stars is chasing Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life Insurance by 3 games with 8 wins and 13 losses.

It is certainly a good thing that Shinhan Bank caught Woori Bank, but there is no time to relax. I have to think about the next game right now. If you indulge in the sweetness of victory, it could poison your future schedule. 먹튀검증

Coach Koo said, “Even when we do well, there are times when we falter. We are holding on to this. We have a good sense of self-confidence, but we are trying to get rid of the desire to look down on our opponent.” Even if you go to , I think (good flow) will be connected naturally.”

Until last year, Shinhan Bank was unable to maintain a long winning streak. Even after showing an excellent game, he was shaken in the next game. But since January, things have changed. On the 25th of last month, Park Ji-soo caught KB Stars even though he played for 37 minutes, and then won against Woori Bank on the 18th and Bucheon HanawonQ on the 21st and took a three-game winning streak. It is also a positive factor that after losing to BNK on the 27th, he recovered immediately by winning against Woori Bank on the same day.

Players also think of themselves as ‘underdogs’, so their mindset changes. Even if you meet a strong team, there is less pressure, but there is a sense of ‘Let’s try it once’.

“Ace” Sonia Kim, who moved the team from Woori Bank to Shinhan Bank prior to this season, said, “I enjoy the new challenge. I am receiving opportunities that I did not receive at Woori Bank. . At the same time, he emphasized, “I’m not thinking about the playoffs right now. I won’t go ahead. We are the underdog. We have to pour everything out like the last game.”

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