The team-first foreign pitcher who gave up maternity leave is finally pitching in the Korean Series… “I felt sick because I couldn’t go to KS last year.”

LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop early on selected the starter for Game 1 of the Korean Series. This is foreign pitcher Casey Kelly.

LG began camp training in preparation for the Korean Series at LG Champions Park in Icheon on the 19th. The schedule is two days of training and one day of rest.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop revealed the selection for games 1 to 3. Kelly in the first game, Wontae Choi in the second, and Changyu Lim in the third. Kelly has been an ace for 6 years since wearing the LG uniform in 2019. In six years, he went 68-38 with a 3.08 earned run average.

Kelly spoke about his preparations for the Korean Series after completing his first training session on the 19th. “It feels great to not have to go straight into the postseason and have some time to catch our breath,” Kelly said. “I remember starting the postseason game right around this time and playing, but now that we have a break until the Korean Series, I think it will be a good thing for all the players,” he said.

When asked about appearing in the first game, Kelly said, “I am preparing by training as much as possible according to the schedule I had during the regular season. He is taking a little rest after the season and is building up his stamina and strength step by step. “He plans to gradually increase the level and intensity according to his physical condition.”

Kelly has stated every season that his goal is to win the Korean Series. He could have temporarily returned to the United States on maternity leave in mid-September of the 2021 season in time for the birth of his second son (son), but Kelly gave up on this. He briefly prioritized the team over his family as the team battled fiercely for the rankings. Although he didn’t make it in 2021 and 2022, he was finally able to pitch in this year’s Korean Series.스포츠토토

Kelly said, “Ever since I came to Korea, I have always said that I really want to pitch in the Korean Series. Now that I am thinking about pitching in the Korean Series, I think it will be a good experience for me personally and a great opportunity.”

He continued, “In the Korean series, pitching well can be seen as the main goal. My teammates played good baseball from the first game to the last game of the season and showed high-level play, so when we go into Game 1 of the Korean Series, I think that moment will be special to all of our players. I think it will be a very special day. “I think I’ll be extremely nervous before I throw the first pitch, but after I throw the first pitch, I’ll go into the game thinking it’s the same game,” he said.

Kelly expressed his disappointment last year. He said, “In fact, looking back on last year, I think it was the team that came closest to the Korean Series in terms of the composition of the team. From a team perspective. However, last year, unfortunately, we did not advance to the Korean Series and did not win the championship, so after that, the players suffered a little mentally, maybe their stomachs hurt a little, and I think they felt a little sick to their stomachs.” Kelly continued, “It was a feeling of regret 

. Reflecting on the open season, I think we are in the position we are in now because our players prepared well from camp and learned from last year’s disappointments and played better baseball this year. I was able to advance directly to the Korean Series. What I can definitely believe is that our team composition is really good. “Because I believe in each player’s individual capabilities, I believe we can do it and win the Korean Series,” he said, expressing confidence. However, 

there is no complacency or letting down one’s guard. Kelly added, “But the process will not be easy. “It won’t be easy because the other teams will be tough no matter who we play against, but I think we can achieve the goal we want because we have a good squad,” he said. If LG wins the Korean Series, it will be the Series MVP’s win for several years

. A Rolex watch that has been lying around is given as a prize. When asked if he knew about a Rolex watch, Kelly said, “I do. It would be great if I could get a watch. Doesn’t everyone know how cool and luxurious Rolex watches are?

However, if someone on our team, not me, receives a Rolex watch, it means that our team won the Korean Series, so winning is the most important thing. “It doesn’t matter who gets it, I just think if someone gets it, they’ll think they’ve won the Korean Series,” she said with a smile.

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