‘The transfer market deadline is approaching’ Can Kim Jin-soo and Jeonbuk’s companionship continue?

Can national team defender Kim Jin-soo (31) and Jeonbuk Hyundai continue their partnership? Kim Jin-soo’s lease contract with Jeonbuk expired on June 30th. Kim Jin-soo, who left Jeonbuk in August 2020 and transferred to Al Nasr in Saudi Arabia, lost his position in the team due to an Achilles tendon injury, and made a surprise return to Jeonbuk in the summer of 2021. it was a rental Kim Jin-soo, who recovered his normal condition through a one-year lease, succeeded in extending the lease once again in the summer of 2022. At the time, there was quite a bit of labor pain, but at the time, director Kim Sang-sik’s active persuasion and sincerity to spend even rent, and embraced Kim Jin-soo. Based on his performance in Jeonbuk, Kim Jin-soo also succeeded in his first World Cup appearance in his career.

He was once again at a crossroads. 안전놀이터추천 The meaning of Jeonbuk is clear. I will go with Kim Jin-soo. Kim Jin-soo is the best left-back in Korea that needs no explanation. He has come down a bit from his prime, but he still boasts his class. Coach Dan Petrescu is also known to highly appreciate Kim Jin-soo’s skills. His symbolism is also great. Kim Jin-soo, who played on the stage in Japan and Germany, stepped on the K-League stage through Jeonbuk in 2017. In fact, Jeonbuk is a parent team. Kim Jin-soo led the Jeonbuk Dynasty after joining Jeonbuk. Based on his excellent leadership, his reputation within the team is also thick.

Jeonbuk continued individual negotiations with the goal of capturing Kim Jin-soo. A tug of war ensued. There was a crisis, but in the end we held hands. CEO Heo Byung-gil made a decision. From the duration of his contract to the amount, Kim Jin-soo met all the conditions he wanted.

The problem was Al Nasr. The prerequisite for Kim Jin-soo’s deal was the termination of the contract. As the contract between Kim Jin-soo and Al Nasr had one year remaining, it was necessary to terminate the contract in order to have Kim Jin-soo without a transfer fee. Jeonbuk, who had been dragged by Al Nasr several times, made it clear that they could not pay the transfer fee. Even at first, it seemed that the cancellation work could be solved easily. Currently, Al Nasr, who wants to become a world-class club with Cristiano Ronaldo, is trying to overhaul the foreign quota. It seems likely that Kim Jin-soo will be let go and another special star will be embraced. However, it is surprisingly time-consuming.

Jeonbuk intends to wait for Al Nasr’s answer until the end, but they cannot let go. If necessary, a replacement may be recruited. In the midst of preparing for the return of Park Jin-sung, who is currently in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, if Kim Jin-soo does not become, you have to think about other recruitment. Jeonbuk has to run not only the league, but also the Asian Champions League and the FA Cup. Jeonbuk-do’s flank defense resources are not so relaxed.

The deadline for the summer transfer window is the 20th. Jeonbuk hopes to come to a conclusion as soon as possible before that.

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