There was no Saudi flex effect… 1 trillion won was spent on recruiting players, but the number of spectators actually decreased.

The money was spent, but the audience disappeared.

Britain’s ‘The Sun’ said on the 29th (Korean time), “The Saudi Arabian Pro League spent a whopping 750 million pounds (approximately 1.2343 trillion won) in the summer transfer market. However, the effect was minimal,” adding, “League spectators “It continues to decline compared to last season,” the report said.

Saudi Arabia, which is trying to revitalize its domestic league through massive investments starting with the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo, made a monstrous move in this summer’s transfer market. They attracted attention by recruiting several star players such as Neymar, Karim Benzema, and N’Golo Kante.

Even Liverpool legend Jordan Henderson, who supported homosexuality and was critical of Islam, gave in to Saudi Arabia’s huge salary offer. Through these aggressive moves, Saudi Arabia has more star players than other small and medium-sized European leagues.온라인카지노

However, the effect compared to the investment is low. The Sun pointed out, “The Saudi league spent 750 million pounds on recruiting stars in the summer transfer market alone. However, the attendance performance is not good. Only 696 spectators attended the Al Iti Park and Al Riyadh matches.”

The Sun said, “The decline in attendance in the Saudi league throughout this season is unusual. Al Ittihad, which brought in Benzema, Kante, and Fabinho in the summer, is ranked first in terms of attendance with 29,044 people per game this season, but last season (average of 40,000) “This is a significant decrease compared to 453 people,” he pointed out.

The media said, “The highest attendance in the Saudi league this season was the match between Il Hilal and Al Fayha (59,600 people). This match was Neymar’s debut match,” and “Al Hilal-Al Ahly, which the sovereign wealth fund invested in, -Except for Al Nasr-Al Ittihad, there is no team with more than 10,000 spectators.”

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