Three competitions held in parallel’ Incheon, major negative news… Shin Jin-ho + Delbridge ‘season out’

Incheon United’s two key players are out for the season.

On the 23rd, Incheon United officially announced through the club’s channel, “Delbridge (right femoral adductor tendon) and Shin Jin-ho (right ankle) are injured, making it difficult for them to play for the remainder of the season.”

Shin Jin-ho and Delbridge were by far the core of Incheon in the 2023 season. Each performed well in midfield and defense, contributing to the team’s upward trend.

However, Shin Jin-ho was no longer seen on the ground after the 31st round match against Gangwon FC, and Delbridge was no longer seen at the ground after the 30th round match against Jeju United. As a result of the examination, Shin Jin-ho was unable to play the remainder of the game due to his right ankle and Delbridge’s right thigh adductor tendon.온라인카지노

Fortunately, Myung-Joo Lee was not out for the season. The Incheon club explained, “Myung-Joo Lee, who was injured in the match against Pohang in the 34th round, fortunately was diagnosed with a partial rupture of the medial ligament of his left knee, so he plans to work on rehabilitation for a quick return.”

Assuming that Myung-Joo Lee will be absent for the time being, Incheon suffered a headache due to the departure of three players. Incheon is currently competing in three competitions in parallel: K League 1, FA Cup, and Asian Champions League. There is nothing to let go of. In the league, they can aim for fourth place, and in the FA Cup, since they have advanced to the semifinals, they must challenge for the championship. The Asian Champions League is also cruising with two wins and is getting closer to advancing to the tournament. In this situation, the departure of key players is definitely painful.

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