‘Traditional famous houses’ KIA and Samsung ranked 9th and 10th… KS partner 30 years ago, ‘worrying about last place’ in 2023

‘Traditional famous houses’ KIA and Samsung are ranked 9th and 10th respectively. There has never been anything like this in the 41-year history of the KBO League.

KIA is 9th with 30 wins, 38 losses, 1 draw, and a win rate of 0.441. Samsung ranked last with 28 wins and 45 losses, with an odds ratio of 0.384. The ride of the two teams is 4.5 games. KIA is closer to 5th place Doosan, 3.5 games ahead of bottom Samsung. However, looking at recent moves, there is a greater sense of crisis that a long-term losing streak may provide an excuse for pursuit to Samsung rather than pursuing the 5th or 6th place.

Choi Won-joon, Na Seong-beom, and Kim Do-young returned in turn. However, the mound operation is generally difficult as the bullpen is overloaded due to the collapse of the starting lineup. The batting line has definitely become stronger, but there are many matches where the synergy between the existing members and the three returning players does not work.

Last week, they took a step back with 1 win and 4 losses. The first 3 matches of 9 matches in the metropolitan area started not bad with 1 win and 2 losses. The fact that it was difficult to expect a winning series from the leading LG in the first place proves KIA’s bad circumstances. The three-game series against second place SSG, which will start on the 4th, is not much different. Jung Hae-young has joined, and there is a possibility that Kim Sun-bin will return, but SSG power is strong.

Samsung is much more depressing than KIA. On the 30th and 2nd of last month, he became the bridesmaid of Hanwha’s record-breaking winning streak in 3 home matches. For the past 3 weeks in a row, they lost on weekdays and Saturdays, and then won only on Sundays, repeating the pattern. In no time, the win-loss margin went down to -17. 8 games behind 5th place Doosan. I’m not at a stage where I’m giving up on making the postseason, but it could be really tough if I fall further here. The crisis of being in the bottom of the first place after the establishment was over.먹튀검증

Samsung’s bullpen was weak and its main hitters were sluggish. They miss out on catchable games, and in the aftermath continue the pattern of helplessly losing. It has been pointed out for several years that it is not maximizing the advantage of the batter-friendly Daegu Samsung Lions Park. Chasing the ninth place KIA right now doesn’t seem easy. A 4.5 game difference is by no means small.

The two teams are traditional baseball families, boasting 1st and 2nd place in the number of wins in the Korean Series. KIA is 11 times, including the predecessor Haetae, and Samsung is 8 times. Nearly half of the history of the KBO League, 19 years was a happy ending for the two teams. Even in 1986-1987 and 1993, the two teams faced each other in the Korean Series. Haitai laughed all three times. Now, it’s ‘latte baseball’ and it’s about the days when tigers smoked cigarettes.

However, KIA has not added any more Korean Series championships since 2017 and Samsung since 2015. Looking at it calmly, since the 2009 championship, except for the 2017 championship, there have been many seasons where the KIA has not been able to go to the postseason. Samsung has also been consistently at the bottom, except for taking second place in the 2021’sparkling’ pennant race after its last win. Looking at it only after the mid-2010s, the word “myeongga” is colorless.

Both the front desk and the field of the two teams are putting in a lot of effort, reflecting, and preparing again. Since there is a second half, it is cruel to conclude that the season will end like this. Realistically, the gap between KIA and the top 5 is not large. There are many prospects that a chance will come at least once when the full power is reached. On the other hand, Samsung has no power to dramatically strengthen and is already in a state of 5th place.

KIA coach Kim Jong-guk and Samsung coach Park Jin-man are both 2nd and 1st year coaches, so their careers are not long. It is a brutal 2023 season for the two command towers. doesn’t work out much Of course, the biggest victims are the fans who support both teams.

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