Unknown in KBO → Entering University in the U.S. → Draft → Entering MLB ‘Impressed’, the birth of two Korean big leaguers

 After failing to be nominated in the KBO rookie draft, a case of moving to the United States to go to college and being nominated by a major league club appeared. Infielder Choi Byeong-yong, who graduated from Shinil High School, was nominated by the San Diego Padres in the 20th round, and Shin Woo-yeol, who graduated from Baejae High School, was nominated by the Tampa Bay Rays in the 16th round.안전놀이터

As a result, there are a total of four Koreans and Korean-American players nominated in this draft. Prior to Choi Byung-yong and Shin Woo-yeol, there are Kevin Sim (Arizona 5th round), who is famous as the son of Shim Jeong-soo, and Korean player Eddie Park (White Sox 8th round).

After graduating from Shinil High School, Byung-yong Choi went to New Mexico Military Institute located in New Mexico, USA. left And he succeeded in boarding the ‘last train’ bound for San Diego in the 20th round of the major league rookie draft.

According to the San Diego Union-Tribune, San Diego scouting vice president Chris Kemp said, “Choi Byung-yong really likes our club and Kim Ha-seong. He has a beautiful swing form and is a big infielder.” “Choi Byung-yong loves San Diego and wants to be here. We I think he can hit really well, and I’m happy to have Choi Byung-yong.”

Shin Woo-yeol, who entered Miami Dade College after graduating from Bae Jae-jae High School, boasted a batting average of 0.407, 15 homers, 47 RBIs, and a slugging average of 0.772 in the college league this year. All indicators were 1st in the team. Played first base and right fielder. And he was selected by Tampa Bay.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, scouting director Chuck Rich said, “He is a power hitter with a strong hitting ability. That’s why it’s really interesting.”

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