What is the result of the three-game series between Samsung and Lotte during the week?

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The professional baseball Samsung Lions played 7 consecutive games in Ulsan and Jamsil last week, one more game than usual… First of all,바카라

how was the 3-game series against Lotte during the week at Ulsan Stadium?


Yes, the first game against Lotte during the week was a game that once again showed the difficulties Samsung was experiencing due to a lack of starting pitchers.

Choi Chae-heung, who had recorded 4 losses without a single win this season, was promoted to the starter again, but he was hit hard from the start again.

Similar to when he started against NC on the 1st, he gave up a large number of runs from the first inning.

After back-to-back hits by Dong-hee Yoon and Hoon Jeong, he sent out Ahn Chi-hong with a pitch that hit him, put the bases loaded with one out, and scored one run with a sacrifice fly, and hit a three-run home run by Kang-nam Yoo.

He allowed 9 hits in 4 innings, including a home run and 2 walks, giving up 5 runs and being retired early.

Even before the opening, Samsung had been struggling to find one of the five starting pitchers.

They tried using several players, including Yang Chang-seop, Jang Pil-jun, and Choi Chae-heung, but none of them were successful and they will likely be in trouble until the end of the season.

Samsung, which lost the lead from the beginning of the game, eventually lost the first game 3 to 10.

I won the second game.

Widener came out as the starter and pitched well, allowing 2 runs in 5.1 innings.

Widener, who transferred from NC, is sometimes referred to as a pitcher who pitches well and pitches poorly in each game.

He was announced as a starter for the game against Kiwoom on the 31st of last month, but could not come out due to a cold or body aches, but perhaps thanks to a good rest, he played well again and laid the foundation for victory.

And Koo Ja-wook, who led the team’s upward trend with a batting average of .400 last month but plummeted to below 100 this month, came back to life with 2 hits and 3 RBIs.

In the top of the 7th inning, when the team was down 1 to 2, with hits by Kim Ji-chan and Kim Seong-yoon with one out and runners on 1st and 3rd, Koo Ja-wook hit a 2-RBI double to make it 3-2.

Samsung, riding on the momentum, added 4 points in the 8th inning and won the second game 7-2.

Game 3 was a game where Won Tae-in showed off the might of a native ace.

He pitched perfectly with no runs allowed until the 6th inning, but after being hit by a triple by Goodrum in the 7th inning, Jae-il Oh’s defensive mistake left him unable to secure the victory and unfortunately he left the mound.

The batting line was unable to score additional runs except for one run in the first inning thanks to hits by Kim Seong-yoon and Koo Ja-wook.

Right-hander Lee Seung-hyun blocked well in the 7th and 8th innings, but in the bottom of the 9th, Kim Tae-hoon’s consecutive walks left the bases loaded with one out, putting the team on the verge of defeat. Then pitcher Lee Jae-ik, who switched, made a double play on Yoo Kang-nam, sending the game into extra innings.

Even though they had a chance to load the bases in the 11th inning, they were unable to score, and in the bottom of the 11th inning, Oh Seung-hwan hit a walk-off hit to Yoo Kang-nam with two outs and runners on first and second base, and they lost 1-2.

There was a 4-game gap with 7th place Lotte, but the loss widened the gap further.


We had a four-game series with Doosan at Jamsil Stadium over the weekend, right?

Especially since it was a double header the day before yesterday, how was it overall?


Yes, Samsung has been playing a four-game series with Doosan over the weekend since the 8th.

The first game over the weekend was a very competitive game.

In the 9th inning, when Kim Tae-hoon, who was leading 7-6, walked Doosan leadoff hitter Kim Jae-hwan, Yu-chan Lee’s sacrifice bunt sent Doosan pinch runner Kim Tae-geun to second base, and the next hitter, Kang Seung-ho, tied the score at 7-7 with a timely hit in the middle.

Afterwards, Park Joon-young was sent out on an intentional walk, and while Park Gye-beom’s batted ball hit third baseman Ryu Ji-hyuk’s glove and bounced off the foul line with one out and runners on first and second base, second base runner Kang Seung-ho homered, losing the game 7-8.

While Samsung failed to score in the top of the 9th inning with one out and runners on third base, Doosan scored 2 points in the bottom of the 9th inning, turning the game around.

The day before yesterday, we played two games in one day, and in the first game, which started at 2 p.m., we won 5-1 thanks to Buchanan’s comeback pitch and Oh Jae-il’s two-run gun.

Buchanan went 8 innings, allowing 7 hits and 1 run, and earned his 10th win of the season.

Buchanan, who entered the KBO League wearing a Samsung uniform in 2020, achieved double-digit wins for four consecutive seasons.

Buchanan is the 31st pitcher to win 10 or more games in four consecutive seasons in the KBO League, and he is the first foreign pitcher from Samsung.

Doosan had Jang Won-jun as the starter, and when Pirella hit a heavy hit in the top of the second inning, Oh Jae-il hit a cool two-run gun.

Oh Jae-il added a home run 14 days after the Kiwoom game on the 26th of last month, setting a double-digit home run record for 9 consecutive seasons.

Seung-hwan Oh came on the mound in the bottom of the 9th inning with 1 out and runners on first and second base with a 5-1 lead, and threw out both batters with fly balls, earning his 24th save of the season.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Doosan starter Brandon was unable to score until the 7th inning.

On the other hand, Doosan’s batting line scored 3 runs in the 3rd inning thanks to hits by Kang Seung-ho and Yang Seok-hwan, and added 1 run in the 8th inning.

Samsung was unable to attack the balls of Hong Geon-hee, who Doosan pitched in the 8th inning, and Jeong Cheol-won, who pitched in the 9th inning, and lost 0-4.

Even in yesterday’s game, Samsung’s batting line was unable to properly attack Doosan’s foreign starting pitchers.

Despite Alcantara’s fightback, they were not able to score a single point until the 5th inning.

On the other hand, as for the pitching staff, Choi Chae-heung, who appeared as a starter, hit three hits in a row in the second inning and allowed three runs, and pitcher Noh Geon-woo, who was replaced in the fifth inning, hit a three-run home run by Yang Seok-hwan, making the score 0-6.

They scored 1 point due to an opponent’s error in the 6th inning, but pitcher Lee Jae-ik, who was replaced, gave up a hit and a walk, and then got a hit from Rojas, giving him 2 points, making the gap 1 to 8, 7 points. Although he scored 1 point in the 8th inning, he ended up losing to Doosan. In a four-game series, they won once and lost three times.

In the 3-game series against Lotte, they had 1 win and 2 losses, so last week’s 7-game record was 2 wins and 5 losses, showing that the upward trend shown in the second half of the year has completely waned.

While Samsung faltered again, Hanwha achieved a whopping 6 consecutive wins.

Samsung lost its 8th place to Hanwha and fell back to 9th place.

The gap in games against Hanwha has widened and they are behind by 3 games.

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