When Ryu Ji-hyeok was a KIA man… Blue uniform suits well, Tigers and ‘kind farewell’

Ryu Ji-hyeok (29, Samsung) had a ‘goodbye’ with KIA. The blue uniform also suits her quite well.

Samsung seems to be quite satisfied with the recruitment of Ryu Ji-hyeok internally. I gave away reserve free agent Kim Tae-gun to KIA, but it can rather motivate young catchers. Instead, Ryu Ji-hyeok filled the vacancy of Lee Won-seok (Kiwoom), and he made use of his multi-position ability to digest the injured Oh Jae-il and others.

Coach Park Jin-man said that apart from Ryu Ji-hyeok’s average, he is a good player with RBI production. Samsung’s lineup is still unsatisfactory in the clutch situation. Even if Ryu Ji-hyeok can’t completely solve this problem, some help is enough. And he has nothing more to wish for if he leads young infielders well like he did in his KIA days.

It became a hot topic that Kim Tae-gun completely melted into KIA in a day or two. However, Ryu Ji-hyeok seems to have already adapted. He is a player known for taking care of people around him and good leadership. There is no way that Samsung is unaware of Ryu Ji-hyeok’s good reputation.

Ryu Ji-hyeok bowed his head to the KIA fans at his first game in Gwangju on the 12th and shared his affection with the Tigers fans for the last time. He made several 90-degree bows to the infield crowd in the direction of KIA’s third base, and KIA fans responded with applause and cheers.

KIA even held a surprise event. The presentation of gifts and bouquets before the game was not the only event. In the first at-bat that day, Ryu Ji-hyeok’s cheering song from his KIA days was played. According to Samsung officials, Ryu Ji-hyeok has yet to have a cheering song or theme song from Samsung. KIA took good care of Ryu Ji-hyeok. He played only one verse of Ryu Ji-hyeok’s cheering song, which can no longer be used. A KIA official also laughed and said, “A little consideration.” KIA fans also sang Ryu Ji-hyuk’s cheering song at that moment.안전놀이터

Ryu Ji-hyeok stagnated with no hits in 4 at-bats in the game on the 12th. However, in the game on the 13th, with 2 hits and 2 points in 5 at-bats, he quietly played a role in stopping the 7th consecutive win of his parent KIA. On this day, Kim Tae-gun was silent with no hits in two at-bats, while Ryu Ji-hyeok showed his presence and contributed to David Buchanan’s complete victory. When Buchanan achieved a complete victory, Ryu Ji-hyeok also sincerely congratulated, becoming a complete Samsung man.

Samsung finished the first half unrivaled at the bottom. In the second half, we have to somehow find the momentum. Ryu Ji-hyeok should be an axis. He deserves it. After the transfer, his record was 4 hits in 22 at-bats, 3 RBIs, 6 points and 1 steal in 6 games. I had a good breakup with KIA, and now as a Samsung man, I have a great responsibility to lead a counterattack in the second half. It is not only the part that is revealed in numbers, but also serves as a lubricant on and off the ground. This is something Ryu Ji-hyeok could do during his KIA days.

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