Why didn’t Oh Se-geun run for a second?

On the 2nd, the 5th round match between Anyang KGC and Goyang Carrot was held at the Goyang Gymnasium. A lot of spectators gathered because it was a match between two clubs known as a rivalry. Both teams had a large number of key players, but KGC Oh Se-geun did not play. It’s not even missing from the entry. The name was on the list. However, Oh Se-geun did not step on the court for a second.

Even without Oh Sa-ja, KGC scored from the first quarter. They did not give up the initiative until the end of the 4th quarter and won 82-65. However, one question mark arises. Why didn’t Oh Se-geun run?

After the game, manager Kim Sang-sik explained this in detail. Director Kim Sang-sik said, “It is not that there are injuries or problems. Because there is a continuous game, and the opponent is a team that mainly throws 3-point shots in a small lineup (I did not use it). We talked a lot. He also said, ‘I think it would be better to do this for the team than to keep playing to fill the number of games’. That’s why I kept the lineup until the end.”

In the last 4 rounds against Carrot, Oh Se-geun ran 18 minutes and 29 seconds. Considering that Oh Se-geun’s average playing time this season is 26 minutes and 51 seconds, it is a small amount of time. At the time, manager Kim Sang-sik explained that it was a response to the opponent’s use of a small lineup.

Also, before the game, Oh Se-geun sweated hard to warm up. He may not have warmed up if he had been injured.

Manager Kim Sang-sik said, “In fact, (Oh) Se-geun was also going on a business trip to all games this season, so he could have been greedy. I couldn’t help thinking about it either. Still, Se-geun told me that it was okay during the process of adjusting teamwork. I’m personally sorry I also thought that maybe I should have played, but it seems ridiculous to let them go in the 3rd quarter (the highest score difference is 26 points) when the score gap widened. I talked with Se-geun after the 3rd quarter. Se-geun said, ‘It’s okay. I will prepare for the next opportunity,’ he said.

Director Kim Sang-sik emphasized it one last time. He pointed out, “It’s not a problem or pain at all if it’s because the fondant fondant competition continues.” The February KGC schedule is tight. If you only look at the 28th of February, there are 10 games. If you look at the average number of days in a month, it is 12 games. 먹튀검증

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