Why Simeone will never come to Tottenham

As Tottenham manager Antonio Conte is expected to leave the team at the end of this season, the names of successors are constantly being discussed.

Directors Mauricio Pochettino and Thomas Tuchel were mentioned. Both coaches are currently resting. Then, recently, even the name of the current director came out. The main character is Diego Simeone, the famous manager of Atletico Madrid. There is speculation that Simeone could part ways with Atletico Madrid and return to Tottenham.

바카라사이트 However, there were voices that directly contradicted this expectation. Italian transfer expert Gianluca Di Marzio first explained, “Coach Conte is a leader who enjoys immediate success rather than envisioning a long-term project. Therefore, he can leave Tottenham and return to Italy, such as Juventus.”

Among the candidates for successor, Simeone was convinced that he could not come. The reason is defensive football.

“In the case of Siomene, his defensive style of play is not going to be appreciated by Tottenham fans. Tottenham want an attacking team, a team with an attacking philosophy. This is obviously not in line with Simeone’s direction,” he said.

“Simeone’s solid defensive tactics are probably the least wanted by Tottenham fans,” he added.

The best choice he thinks is manager Pochettino.

He said, “I think the best successor is Pochettino. Pochettino already knows the world of Tottenham very well. He does not need a period of adaptation to Tottenham and understands Tottenham’s philosophy well.”

“Pochettino is also an advocate of exciting, aggressive football. This is a force that can make Harry Kane and Son Heung-min even more powerful.”

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