Will the ’20-win ace’ change the fall baseball game?

The NC Dinos’ momentum in the 2023 KBO League semi-playoffs is unusual. NC, which defeated the Doosan Bears in the wild card game held in Changwon on the 19th, achieved 3 consecutive wins in fall baseball by achieving consecutive wins in Munhak, enemy territory, against SSG Landers, 3rd place in the regular season.

The part that is considered the biggest surprise is the result of the starting match between the two teams. SSG, who had been waiting at the semi-PO, presented a one-two punch with Elias and Gwang-Hyun Kim. NC, which had already used foreign starter Tanner in the wild card match, had no choice but to put forward 3-4 starters San Min-hyuk and Song Myeong-ki, so many evaluated that it was at a disadvantage. However, NC defied expectations and won both games 1 and 2, driving SSG to the brink.

The most encouraging thing for NC is that they achieved two consecutive away wins even without the league’s best starter, Peddie, who is likely to be the MVP this season. Even if NC misses the third game, they can use Pedi as their final card to confirm advancement to the playoffs.

However, the concerns are clear. This is because Ace Peddie’s appearance continues to be delayed. In the game against the KIA Tigers on the 16th, which was his last appearance in the regular season, Peddie pitched for the third-place shooter, but was injured after being hit on his right forearm by Ko Jong-wook’s batted ball.

Since then, Peddie has not been able to pitch in practice. It was inevitable that he would miss the wild card game on the 19th, as the schedule was tight, but he was able to pitch from the first game of the semi-PO. However, he is increasingly putting off pitching because he is not in good shape after pitching in the bullpen.

Following the 1st and 2nd games in Munhak, the 3rd game in Changwon, his home stadium, was also missed. NC’s starting pitcher in Game 3, which was initially expected to be Peddy, was not Peddy, but left-handed pitcher Tanner, who played in the wild card game.

Through a hospital examination on the 22nd, Peddie was diagnosed with right arm simple impingement syndrome. It is not an injury that makes pitching impossible, but the problem is that Peddie feels uncomfortable after throwing a bullpen. From the NC team’s point of view, the more urgent he is, the more he goes back, so he has no choice but to wait for Peddie’s OK sign.스포츠토토

The biggest variable in this year’s postseason is expected to be when Peddie takes the mound. Peddie, who has regained his normal condition, is a card that can shake up the entire fall baseball landscape.

If NC passes the semi-PO without using Peddie and can use Peddie from the first game of the playoffs, NC can expect an upset in the playoffs against KT Wiz. If an overwhelming ace like Peddie can start more than twice, the probability of winning the series increases dramatically.

In 2015, Doosan also led the team to victory in the Korean Series by showing overwhelming pitching in the postseason when Dustin Nippert, who had struggled with an injury in the regular season, returned to perfect condition.

Will Fedi, who rested for about 10 days due to an injury, be able to store up his stamina and display the same power as Nippert in the past? Attention is being paid to when a powerful wing called Peddie will be able to join NC, which is showing an unstoppable fall run.

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